Anonymous: i agree with them when they say they want more trans actors in films, but they started sending such a strong message of hate that it's not about trans actors anymore, it's a hate campaign against Jared Leto. 

dude absolutely. like laverne cox for instance is AWESOME. she spoke at my school recently and i’ve heard so much about how charming a person she is. we totally need more laverne coxes in this world. it just sounds petty and vindictive to shit on jared leto over this. but w/e, still got that oscar thooooo haha that’s worth a little hate

Anonymous: because last year nobody cared about jared leto and all of a sudden he's super famous. and the trans community started attacking him for playing Rayon coz they think a trans woman should've played her. there are many famous people who have played transgender people in the past and none of them received that amount of hate, but jared leto is the only one who got an oscar for it. so that's why. #ridiculous 

haha oops i deleted my question bc i didn’t think anyone would answer. but damn that sounds pretty silly. i’d think that any portrayal of a transgender character attracting enough praise for the actor to win an oscar would be a pretty big victory for the trans community but what do i know

the cafeteria had a “meatless monday” and people did nothing but BITCH about how there wasn’t any meat. one person literally wrote “some of us need protein!!!” on the board near the cafe entrance, as if the only way to get protein is to eat fucking meat. swear to god i thought i was at a university.


also don’t deny anyone’s asexuality just because they’re in a sexual relationship, asexuality is a spectrum and includes a lot of variety

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