The problem I have with veganism is that while it is a solution to a crucial problem in our society, it is largely promoted with a grossly narrow-minded belief set, and focuses FAR too greatly on shaming individuals for eating meat and dairy. As I said earlier today, it’s no fucking wonder vegans NEVER GET ANYTHING USEFUL DONE.

If you liberate yourselves from the narrow vegan mindset, your ability to perceive the problems and resultant paths of action surrounding animal genocide will improve phenomenally.

First off, “the death of any animal is wrong irregardless of the situation” is complete fucking bullshit. That’s literally not how the world works, and you’re completely nuts if you truly believe that. In the right context, death is a necessary antecedent to life. Whatever. I don’t wish to waste my time and mental energy addressing the ignorance that is that statement.

What I WOULD like to talk about is sustainable living – i.e. living with a non-vegan diet in a setting completely independent from the animal-industrial complex responsible for species genocide. This setting would require you personally to foster a healthy contained environment in which the consumption of the animals you raise becomes a natural step in the cycle. Such a system would take MASSIVE personal effort because it would again require you to foster and maintain an ENTIRE CONTAINED ECOSYSTEM and essentially devote your life to it. This is what we counterculturalists talk about when we speak of breaking free from the chains of civilization.

A natural, easier alternative to this (in a situation where breaking away from civilization is not a viable path of action) is to have someone ELSE maintain a healthy food cycle FOR you, yielding meat, dairy, vegetable, fruit, etc, that you can then purchase/barter for, or participating in a local collective in which you only are responsible for maintaining a select fraction of the food cycle. I of course speak of alternative farming projects, community food collectives, and other such sustainable food production systems. In these systems, being vegan or vegetarian would make no sense whatsoever. It is NOT unethical to kill animals or harvest dairy products in such systems.

These are a few of many alternative solutions to the immediate problem that vegan activism addresses.

I share these merely to make the point that the “vegan or bust” attitude so many vegan activists seem to possess is counterproductive and stupid. Get your heads out of your asses and learn to approach issues more subjectively.

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