so tomorrow will be the last day I go without smoking in the month-long break I’ve imposed upon myself! this weekend is about to be very exciting. but boy have I learned a thing or two…

1) weed fades away, but munchies are eternal

2) i do not have a shitty short-term memory due to being high all the time, like i’d always assumed. i have a shitty memory because i have a shitty fucking memory.

3) all forms of cannabis, even dabs, truly aren’t addictive whatsoever. i went straight from dabbing practically every day for months to not smoking anything at all with utterly zero negative consequences.

4) frequent smoking was a major source of my apathy towards a lot of things (mostly school). if you’re gonna smoke, especially on the reg, you need to find a way to keep yourself motivated. but it’s completely possible. when i start smoking again following this break, i think i’ll be able to keep this apathy under much better control.

5) there is an incredibly wide scale of stoner personas, and you don’t really realize its full breadth until you take a step back and observe them soberly. on one end, you have the people who are passionate stoners, who totally treat weed as a hobby worth investing time and money in. but they don’t see it being worth replacing other parts of their lives (school, work, health, relationships), which they take very seriously. i’d say most people i know tend to be like this. successful stoners. but on the other end of the spectrum are stoners who are lazy and apathetic, who don’t know how to carry a conversation about anything other than weed, and who often have a disgusting lack of hygiene (something they bizarrely often think is worth bragging about). they exist, and it’s gross. it’s exactly like the gamer hierarchy, minus a considerable portion of the egotism and misogyny that’s more or less particular to gaming culture. at any rate, i hope i never find myself on the dark end of that spectrum.